Heyyy tehe I’m here again lol

Wow it has been like two years, but hey y’all! I’m still depressed, but that’s water under the bridge at this point. Mental health wellness, what’s that? I don’t plan on living past 50.

Anyways, I finished my first semesters of university at UofT. Calculus makes me want to end it all, but Haim Horitz keeps me alive. I wrote my final exam for that class in honour of him, I hope he sees it hehe. I am personally part of the Haim protection squad, so y’all better watch out if you come for him, because I will personally track you down and end you.

Furthermore, I started watching anime and y’all it slaps. Bungo Stray Dogs is my fav, Akutagawa could kill me and I would say thanks. At this point, I have turned into Lev from Haikyuu, but my leg game may never be as good as his :(. Lev is the true ace of Nekoma, I don’t want to hear anything about Kuroo being the ace, that guy is literally a child predator. Attack on Titan season four started hehe, the opening slaps and Jean is still my favourite horse. RIP Marco.

In conclusion, I’m still jacked as ever and could crush my enemies so watch out. I will fight you if you say something mean about me me, I’m very delicate. Also, I almost forgot, I have tattoos now so that’s pretty tight. I have the equation for theory of relativity, a whale and a serotonin molecule. I don’t really feel like explaining them so y’all will just have to live with the mystery. Just know, the have to do with my crumbling mental health and need for attention.

Anyways, bye y’all I’ll keep you updated if anything cool happens, but that’s all for now. Bye my merch if I come out with any.

Back at it Again Bois!!!

here we are again, another super tight post to keep y’all Rachy Blog stans entertained. I had a power lifting meet toay, you know, because i’m seriously jacked. Pretty sure i won too, not to brag or anything. All those weak people coldn’t handle my shear strength, it’s hard being lame. I think I’ll be famous after how well i preformed and, i can’t wait ti use my platform to get rich off you guys and get more jacked.

Other than that life has been uneventful, schools out which is tight, I’m no longer stressed and depressed. I’m more easy and breezy now bois. Summer is going to be lit, except for work (ugh!). But I have to stay on that grind you know, gotta make that bread. Anyways, that’s it for today my dudes, I’ll catch you later with another super sweet post later. Smash that like and subscribe button, tell me in the comments what you want to hear about next and don’t forget to buy my merch and give me more money!!

New Post Who This?

Hey guys I’m back at it again, hitting you with another super tight post. Let’s see, I just had my first rugby game yesterday and we won!!1!1! I’m really and sore and tired, but we’re thriving. Sadly, I have practice again today even though we don’t need it and everyone just wants to go home. Other than rugby, school has been pretty lit, my grades are looking good and going up. But I’m kind of disappointed with my aerobics mark even though I’m an actual jacked queen, so my teacher better fix it soon. I’m kind of bored of writing so don’t forget to subscribe and comment, leave a like and buy my merch!! See ya later!!

I’m back (surprise!!)

Hey guys I haven’t posted awhile, it’s been like six years but I’m back!! Having a lit time in bio right now and I thought I would take a trip down memory lane on this blog. So I’m in grade 11 now, Barrack Obama isn’t president anymore which I’m kind of bummed about but, hey just you wait for 2020. Other than that, I kind of learned to spell and I no longer obsess over mustaches. Sports are still my thing and I play a lot more now, I’m also pretty jacked which is kind of tight. Schools good, stress and depress is real, but we’re thriving. Anyways I’ll try to post and keep you guys updated on everything!! Like and subscribe, use code “rachy” for 10% off everything and don’t forget to comment down below.

An All NEW Year!

Hey everyone! I know that it has been a while since my last post, but I wanted really say something.

It’s that time of year again, back to school. It’s been another summer that seemed to of gone by too fast, so fast that it is almost impossible to remember what I did. Though, when time winds down, lets say the summer gets ”stale”. The weather gets colder, so you can’t do all the summer actives you want to do. Never the less you seem to always look forward to school when it comes around, you look forward to doing something new, after all your in a new grade, almost a new year. Also, you can look to doing things you didn’t do the last year, like for me, I want to try out for the basketball team and try to run 2k straight in running club. Don’t forget, you might meet new people, these people could be new friends in no time. Not to menchen, you can see friends you didn’t see in the summer. Overall, I can’t wait for the new year of school, though, I still with the summer had stayed a little longer.

What are you looking forward to this year?

Write in the comments to tell  me!

Mable Pines

 Mable Pines, she lived in a city and seemed happy there, until her parents said she needed some freash air for the summer. Now she is living with her Grunckle Stan for the summer. one of her uncles she hardly even knows. People call her crazy and mentle, but I just see her as a curiuse and adventure seeking. Mable has no feelings but being happy and being crazy, not to mention a little lovey-dovey at times . I belive I am just like that, even my best friends see me  as her. Watch Gravity Fallls to find out more about Mable Pines and other cooky characters.

The Ghnomes

 The great gnomes, such wonderess creatures, so unexplored. Though, first theres on thing you have to know first, gnomes barf rainbows. They are 30 cm tall. They might be small, but they can create a monster made from over a billion of them. Never the less, I know they exist because I see them on peoples lawns and not to mention sounds coming from the forest. One of the known leaders is called Jeff. Though, when meeting a gnome, be careful, they may take to be their queen, lucky Mable found out what they do. Watch the show Gravity Falls to unlock the other secrets of the very odd town .

My top 10 favoruite things!

1. mustaches- They are are beautiful!

2. Gnomes- they barf rainbows, awesome!

3. Unicorns- They fly and have a horn that can do anything

4. Skiing- Well I ski at Jay Peak, it is amazing to ski there

5. Gymnastics- I like to bend into different shapes and jump around

6. Casadias (food)- they taste great! Especially on Fridays

7. Rise of the Guardians- Funny.

8. Dance- I love to do tap and do jazz

9. Soccer- My brother has tote me allot and now I feel like a pro

10. Wings- my dad makes the best!

Online Citizen ship

Online citizenship is how you name your self, look like or how you act. Online citizen can be on any device and any game or email. When you go on to a game and sign up it will ad to your digatl foot print, just wanted to let you know. Everyone has an Digtl foot print because once you were born you have had one because your parents have taken photos of you and sent them. When you grow up you will be interduced to web sites at school. In my class I am inturduced to a lot. My brothers have both, online citizen ship and a big digtl foot print. They have an Xbox and there names are Three eyed Bob and guiceeeeee box. They all so have names on the internet.